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Therma Tru Exterior + Entry Door Collection



Therma-Tru exists to make you feel at home.
Therma-Tru products and systems are engineered to work together and perform for a lifetime. These doors deliver uncompromising quality, inside and out, and provide inspired designs in virtually unlimited choices that complement architectural and homeowner styles.


COMPLETE DOOR SYSTEM with components engineered to work together at the most critical points.


TOTAL CONFIDENCE in our lifetime limited warranty, the most comprehensive of its kind covering doors, glass and components.


THOUSANDS OF DOOR STYLES for virtually any home style at a range of price points.


WIDE ARRAY OF GLASS DESIGNS handcrafted to reflect home design trends and homeowner desires.
All Therma-Tru Doors are protected by a Lifetime Limited Warranty*.
  1. Engineered to Work Together. Therma-Tru specifies all of the components to work together at the most critical points where an ordinary door system’s performance can fail, letting in air and moisture. By forming a tight seal against drafts and leaks, these components can help protect the door system and home against costly damage and deterioration.
  2. The fiberglass difference. With very little maintenance, a fiberglass door can bring a home years of beauty, durability and energy efficiency. Therma-Tru fiberglass doors offer the authentic look of wood. But, unlike wood, fiberglass will not warp or rot. And, unlike steel, it will not dent or rust. Built with a polyurethane foam core, Therma-Tru fiberglass doors insulate against cold and heat for exceptional energy efficiency.
  3. The look of real wood. Realistic wood grains that are virtually indistinguishable from high-grade wood doors, thanks to Therma-Tru’s AccuGrain® technology.
  4. Polished style for your entryway. Therma-Tru designs our products to meet evolving trends in the marketplace. Every year we see home design trends blend together in a variety of ways to create updated looks perfect for today’s homes.
  5. The power of curb appeal. A new entry door can pay for itself – and then some – giving you and your customers more bang for your buck.
  6. Perceived Value. A smart investment, a new Therma-Tru entry door can increase a home’s perceived value by 4.2% or $18,750 on average.*
  7. Return On Investment. Homeowners who choose a stylish new Therma-Tru entry door can see more than 2 times the return on their investment.*
  8. Tested for endurance. Go ahead and slam the door if you want. We did – over and over – to make sure our doors, glass and components live up to your toughest expectations. We expose them to extreme weather conditions. We roll heavy objects over our sills. We immerse parts with metal finishes in corrosive salt atmospheres. And we expose them to ultraviolet (UV) light to make sure our weathersealing parts and metal finishes can resist deteriorating and color fading in the sun. That’s how we know that a Therma-Tru door is designed to stand up to almost anything life throws at it.
  9. Choosing a durable door. Therma-Tru industry leading complete door systems are built to help protect against energy loss and break-ins, helping people stay safe and comfortable at home.
  10. Backed by our lifetime limited warranty. We can stand behind more parts and for longer than other door companies because we make or specify everything that goes into our door systems. The homeowner has one source, Therma-Tru, to turn to if an issue arises with the door system.
  • *Not based on actual home sales. Not a guarantee of investment returns, increase in value or selling price. Based on a nationwide survey of consumers’ estimates of perceived home value based on exterior appearance. Results may vary based on region and home style. Therma-Tru’s “National Home Valuation Study” was commissioned by Therma-Tru in 2015 and conducted by TNS, an independent provider of internet-based research.

Features and Benefits

  • A polyurethane foam core
  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Complete door systems